Team Building

Pizzas and Herbs

The right ingredients make for the perfect team, the perfect environment – and the perfect pizza.

You’ll learn how to build and grow your very own organic herb garden, perfect for sharing essential cooking ingredients at work. You choose the herbs you wish to plant as you send off foragers to find the materials you’ll need to complete the task.

There’s not much time for basking in your own reflected glory though because it’s time to get primal!

Through a series of competitive and interactive tasks, you’ll learn what is required to make the perfect pizza and then forage for toppings and ingredients before making, cooking and eating your very own pizza cooked in our wood-fired oven.

Delegates will each receive a packet of herb seeds to take home with them.

What’s included?

We’ll provide everything you need, including herbs, soil, planters and equipment.

Refreshment breaks include delicious, freshly brewed organic coffee and tea, farm-pressed apple juice and our delectable tasty treats!

Contact the Corporate TeamĀ to check availability and for further information.

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