Team Building

Bee Keeper for the Day

A fun and fascinating introduction to bees, teamwork and communication.

We begin the day in the barn with an introduction to honeybees and the lessons organisations can learn from them about teamwork, productivity, efficiency and communication.

Then its time to get your beekeeper suits on to see the bees in action and learn about their remarkable communication skills!

We’ll stop for some quick bread and honey (you’ll need to build your strength up for the rest of the day’s challenges!) before we leave the real bees to do their work, while we concentrate on yours, beginning with the Bee Hive Bedlam activity!

Answer clues, earn bonus points and work as a team to complete the 3D bee hive puzzle – the team who sources the most replica bees, wins! That’s not the only opportunity to win extra points; a quick-fire quiz will test what you learnt throughout the day before we all gather for a fun prize giving ceremony before reviewing the many transferable skills we’ve learnt that you can take back to work: communication, planning, delegation, skill sourcing, observation and so, so much more!

Delegates will each receive a jar of honey to take home with them as a tasty memento of the day!

Why should the fun stop for lunch?!

Make your own pizzas using fresh, local, organic ingredients including toppings foraged from our vegetable and herb gardens, then bake them in our wood-fired outdoor pizza oven. Refreshment breaks include delicious, freshly brewed organic coffee and tea, farm-pressed apple juice and our delectable tasty treats!

What’s included?

We’ll provide everything you need, including bee suits and protective equipment, certificates, stationery, refreshments and lunch.

Contact our Corporate Team to check availability and for further information.

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