Team Building

Apple Pressing Challenge

An interactive insight into traditional apple juice and cider making methods, delegation, teamwork and communication.

Provided with a variety of options, teams choose how they wish to proceed to achieve maximum productivity. With guidance from our expert apple pressing team, roll up your sleeves, don an apron and get picking!

Learn the secret recipes to making tasty apple juice and cider, harvest your apples from the orchard and then build the apple press to enable you to get washing, milling and pressing your own apple juice and cider – but which team can make the most, will they have made the right choices and how will they handle a few apple-shaped curve balls?!

Before you head home, we’ll all gather for a fun prize giving ceremony.

Delegates will each receive a bottle of apple juice to take home with them.

Why should the fun stop for lunch?!

Make your own pizzas using fresh, local, organic ingredients including toppings foraged from our vegetable and herb gardens, then bake them in our wood-fired outdoor pizza oven. Refreshment breaks include delicious, freshly brewed organic coffee and tea, farm-pressed apple juice and our delectable tasty treats!

What’s included?

We’ll provide everything you need, including apples, refreshments, lunch, stationery and all the necessary equipment.

Contact our Corporate Team to check availability and for further information.

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