Nurturing Nature for Workplace Wellbeing: The Good Life Project Information Day

Tuesday June 27th 2017

10am – 4pm

Since the late 1970s, scientific research has proven that the simplest of connection with nature, taking a walk outside for 10 minutes a day, for example, can improve health and our sense of wellbeing. Imagine what the impact could be if we took this notion one step further and used nature as a resource within our workplaces…

Join us on The Good Life Project Farm for a fun and informative day learning how to incorporate the benefits of nature into your working environment, based on our innovative research, which will shortly celebrate its first year of studying the impact of nature on workplace health, wellbeing and behaviour.

Well share with you our research to date and relevant research from global studies to help you simply and cost-effectively integrate nature to increase happiness, wellbeing, team dynamics and efficiency, reduce sick days and incidents of stress and help to create an effective, balanced workforce. Well not only show you how but explain exactly why it makes a difference, too.

Well provide an overview of The Good Life Project story, from our research into how nature improves workplace environments, to putting our money where our mouth is and creating a sustainable, organic farm and suggest efficacious strategies for you to easily and cost-effectively implement at work.

  • Enjoy welcome refreshments and tasty treats
  • A brief tour and explanation of the jungle area, jewel garden, vegetable garden, rose garden and orchard along with their history and how we manage them, how weve planted to benefit wildlife and some of the results (including unintentionally supporting over 20 species of British wild birds!), with advice on which plants are best for workplace growing and how to achieve a beautiful garden on a tiny scale.
  • A guided introduction to our honeybee hives and the remarkable work of the honeybee. Hear about our new project Bees for Business and the fascinating impact on workplace wellbeing.
  • Managing the health of your employees, naturally: get hands on traditionally pressing apples and enjoy your very own freshly pressed apple juice as we explain some of the simple ways to benefit from what nature offers!
  • Weve decoded the research for you and put it into practical terms – discover quick, simple but effective ways to benefit from nature in your workplace and its impact on the health, wellbeing and behaviour of your colleagues, including: desktop planting, growing wildflower seeds, using specific imagery, beneficial activities and so, SO much more!

Our courses are all-inclusive: We’ll provide you with everything you need, including unlimited refreshments and a pizza lunch cooked in our outdoor, wood-fired pizza oven.

Just £199. Our Back to Nature for Business courses are restricted to just 10 participants; please book early to avoid disappointment