Bees For Business


Bees for Business are purveyors of some of the finest honey, and beekeepers for some of the most recognisable and iconic brands, installing and managing beehives for businesses across the UK.

From hotels, restaurants and dental practices, to golf courses, stately homes and head offices – our customers are doing their bit to help prevent the decline of the honeybee population with rooftop and on-site bee hives – you’re in good company when it comes to keeping bees for business.

Bees for Business doesn’t just provide you with delicious, local honey, jarred and labelled by hand; entirely raw and unpasteurised just as nature – and the bees – intended. Our customers also enjoy:

  • Unique and topical marketing and PR opportunities
  • A cost-effective corporate social responsibility solution with big impact
  • Playing an active role in supporting a critical environment cause, which both you and the bees benefit from
  • Immediate environmental impact
  • Opportunities for local community involvement
  • Feel-good stories for your social media campaigns
  • We do all the work for you!

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If you love the idea of doing your bit for the environment and helping the honeybee, but at the same time don’t have the space or capability for your own hives, our annual Bees for Business Adoption Plans were created just for you!

Select from the two options below:

BABY BEE: just £250 per year

With this 12 month adoption plan you’ll enjoy:

  • regular video and photo updates on your bees
  • a personalised certificate of adoption
  • a packet of bee-friendly wildflower seeds
  • 12 jars of honey from your hive

QUEEN BEE: just £500

With this 12 month adoption plan you’ll enjoy:

  • regular video and photo updates on your bees
  • a personalised certificate of adoption
  • 4 packets of bee-friendly wildflower seeds
  • corporate branding on your hive and licence-free photos to use for marketing
  • 24 jars of honey from your hive


Adopt a beehive on our organic farm and enjoy your very own honey from just £250.

For more information on adopting a bee hive, contact the Bees for Business team today.

"Do bees do well in city locations?"
Urban bees are usually extremely successful due to the variety of trees and flowers available to them within their several miles of flying routes. Honeybees only eat pollen and nectar but you can of course plant pollinator-friendly trees and flowers to support your own bees and the wider environment. We provide you with free wildflower seeds with each hive.
"What type of bees do you use?"
The hives we provide contain the same breed of bee that we personally keep; a honeybee called ‘Buckfast’, named after Buckfast Abbey in Devon, where Brother Adam famously spent 70 years breeding a honeybee with a docile temperament and high honey yield. Our commercial bee farming partners have been farming with Buckfast bees for more than 30 years with huge success and breed a very healthy strain with strong progeny.
"Can you help us harvest the honey?"
Absolutely – we can provide a harvesting service where we’ll extract the honey for you, bottle it and label it. We also provide a bespoke labelling service for you to have your very own named honey, both of which are included in our rental and adoption service plans.
"How long do we have the bees for?"
If you choose to buy your hive, the hive and the bees are yours to keep. We can provide you with support and advice for as long as you require. If you decide to rent a hive, this is over a minimum 3 year period. Adoption plans are renewed on an annual basis.
"How much does it cost to have bees for our business?"
Having bees for your business is extremely cost effective as we do all of the work for you: delivery, installation, servicing and maintenance, bee husbandry, extraction, bottling and labelling of your honey. Prices to buy start from as little as £600. Renting hives starts from just £295 per month and annual adoption plans begin at £250.