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Supported by broadcaster Kate Humble, garden designer and BBC Gardener’s World presenter Adam Frost, and the Soil Association, The Good Life Project is a ground-breaking research project and well-being programme evidencing the impact of nature on human health, wellbeing and behaviour. The Good Life Project exists to evidence the positive benefits of nature on human health, wellbeing and behaviour, encouraging greater interaction with nature, to create scientifically-proven healthier and happier environments at work and in education.

We’re based on a small 19th Century farm in rural Cambridgeshire, licensed as organic by the Soil Association and working towards organic certification. We conduct, publish and share research on how businesses can use nature to improve workplace wellbeing and productivity. Browse the site to learn about our ground-breaking research, our range of exciting rural skills workshops and consultancy services for businesses. Read more…

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"I grew up in the countryside but had something of a 'nature deficit' when I lived and worked in London for twenty years. I discovered that having less contact with the outdoors - Oxford Street didn't count! - and with nature and all its seasonal changes made me feel restless, disconnected and unhappy. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that tells us having contact with nature is good for us and our sense of well-being and I would certainly back that up, but if the research this project undertakes is able to prove that, it will be to the great advantage to everyone. I wish it every success and will be intrigued and excited to read its findings."
Kate Humble Broadcaster (BBC’s Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Animal Park)
"The Good Life Project is an inspiring one that throws light on a very important subject. It aims to demonstrate something I and many others already believe: that health and wellbeing are intricately bound up with our surroundings, and that a closer connection to the natural environment can improve and enrich our working lives. If we are happier and healthier at work, of course that has huge benefits for the rest of our lives too, so I very much look forward to seeing results of this research and the new directions they could lead us in."
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Food writer and environmental campaigner (River Cottage)
"The Good Life Project is shining a welcome light on the relationship between workplace wellbeing and exposure to the natural world. We know the value of providing employees with healthy, fresh, seasonal food in the workplace, and we look forward to the results of this ground-breaking research, which will provide necessary insights into the additional benefits of fresh air at lunchtime and communal food growing activities. The implications for businesses could be significant."
Rob Percival Policy Officer, the Soil Association
"Gardening is the most relaxing and immersive way to enjoy nature and is more accessible than ever before. I’m passionate about how being outdoors and around nature can affect our mood, mental health and outlook on life and am excited to be working alongside The Good Life Project to discover just how far gardening can be used for our benefit. The simplicity and availability of nature doesn’t make it any less important and I’m pleased to see a project like this making such a difference."
Adam Frost Award-winning garden designer and Gardener's World presenter


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